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Scritch a pup's ears and you'll have a new friend.


Where to find Woof Camp 2014

Woof Camp 2014, the seventh annual pup and Handler party held at International Mr. Leather in Chicago, IL, will be held on Sunday, May 25, 2014 from 7pm-10pm at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile in the Marriott Ballroom located on the Fourth Floor down the hall from the elevators (see map). Look for the Woof Camp and sponsored by SquarePeg Toys banners outside the room.

NOTE: this is a change in date, time, and venue from originally announced. But the event is on the same floor in the same hotel. Also changed from previous announcements is there are NO TICKETS REQUIRED for entry, and the general public is welcome to attend.

Representing the pup and Handler community, this free event promises to be a fun, playful party at IML and will be open to the general public. This year’s theme is “Return of the Villains!” and features several surprises along with the Group Photo at 9pm. Those participating pups and Handlers attending from 7pm-10pm will receive (1) free Woof Camp 2014 commemorative pin (while supplies last). Please see Brue at the podium to get your pin. Pups/dogs/wolves are encouraged to bring along their own water bowls, chew/squeaky toys, or Handlers/Trainers for a howling good time! We are proud to have SquarePeg Toys, the original silicone puppy tail maker, once again be the sole sponsor for this free event.

Another new surprise feature for this year’s Woof Camp 2014 is the introduction of Happy Puppy Yoga to help the pups stretch and limber up 30 minutes prior to moshing at Woof Camp. Led by yoga instructor Pup Snuggles of Chicago, IL, yoga will be from 6:30pm-7pm in the Halsted Ballroom just outside the Marriott Ballroom on the 4th floor. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. Pup Snuggles will only have a limited few on hand to share if you don't. Wear loose fitting clothing and come in bi-ped headspace.

As always, there will be an Active Area for those who want to romp around more vigorously and a Quiet Area for those who want to have a more subdued space.

Photography and videography will be allowed during the event by attendees, the public, and Official Woof Camp photographer, Bryan S. Pictures will be posted on the Woof Camp website. There will be notices posted outside the event doors as well as inside the event space as reminders.

The contributing graphic artist for this year’s official poster is once again Troy Blackhoof from California.

Please remember that Woof Camp is a male energy event, but all genders/orientation are welcome. We would ask both pups/dogs/wolves and Handlers/Trainers of all gender orientations to respect others' preferences and signals (a growl or head turned to the side/looking away is usually a good sign to ease off or not interested).

Mosh Pit Rules? More questions? Please visit our mosh pit rules page and the FAQs page for even more information, or email us.

Come join us for a good time of letting go, living in the moment and having fun playing once again!

Woof Camp 2014 Producer