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Scritch a pup's ears and you'll have a new friend.


Advice for Handlers
and Mosh Pit Audience

along with

The Handler/Puppy Golden Rules
(Code of Conduct)

Advice for Handlers and mosh pit audience

Think of it as being at a real dog park. Some pups are owned, others aren’t. Look for a collar or tag on the pup. Offer your hand and call them over. If they don't respond, shake their head no or turn away, move on to another pup (they may be owned and don't have permission or they just aren't interested). If they nuzzle your hand or your leg, then feel free to play with the pup! Unlike other kink scenes, others are usually welcomed and may even enhance the experience! Be aware you may get knocked over or pounced upon and end up down in the mosh pit at some point. In fact, pups love it when Handlers or audience members get down on their level and engage them.

Handlers are not only responsible for their pups, but if they see an issue they need to either bring it to the attention of the pup’s Handler or to one of the mosh pit security personnel. Pups very much get into headspace in the mosh pit and sometimes they may not realize they have hurt themselves, that they have been romping for hours and need to drink water or take a little break.

Talk with the pup before they go into the mosh pit. Safety is the first priority! If you do happen to meet or find a pup while socializing, or one seems interested in interacting with you as a Handler, take the time to ask the pup some basic questions before you engage in pup and Handler activities: How long are you wanting the interaction to last as Handler and pup? What do you want to do? What are their and your limits/expectations? What are the event organizers limits/expectations? Communicate each others desires, needs and wants ahead of time before entering the party or puppy mosh.

The Handler/Puppy Golden Rules (Code of Conduct)

A Handler/puppy should respect others

A Handler/puppy should respect the place where they are

A Handler/puppy should follow the rules of where they are

A Handler/puppy should be aware that not everyone is into or aware of puppy play

No means no, and safe words matter, even when you hear them as a puppy

A Handler/puppy should be as courteous as possible and take initiative to educate someone who is asking questions

A Handler/puppy should ALWAYS ask for consent and in turn ALWAYS expect to be asked for consent

Being a puppy is no excuse for breaking this code of conduct

A Handler/puppy should feel free to say no or to correct the behaviour of others should itimpact them or their person

If you can't play by the rules, don't play

If you as a puppy or Handler misbehave or break the rules you as an adult will be held responsible

Respect a pup's personal property; Don't touch or pull on them, their collar or tail without consent

A Handler/puppy should obey the event dress code(s)